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Congratulations...I would say you might need to change the name of your blog from "Swimming In Quicksand" to maybe "Romping on Pink Sands".

Dear Carol,

I am very pleased for you. You will be an asset and will be great!

Best wishes,


I'd say you're right where you're supposed to be. Good things happen to those who wait. Congratulations, Carol!

Splendid news--congrats, Carol...I look forward to reading more of you.

Shake the "old man" up. Am so tired of rotating title, "Best", restaurant, cheap restaurant, doctor, lawyer, Indian chief.

You will be a great addition to the Washingtonian. You have the knack for both sides - good writing, good interviewing. Congrats.

There Ya go! Congrats! I can't think of anyone who deserves this the most!!


Oops...that should be live for your posts on Monday mornings. :)

Please, Please, Please don't quit the NYSD! I live your posts on Monday mornings.

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