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I think the mall is a wasteland. It's depressing to even step foot in there. It's sad that there was a hope of reviving it with Bloomingdale's and the opportunity was lost. With this weather being what it is, it would be nice to have an indoor space nearby that would be fun to hang out it in.

Thing is, Georgetown Park is beautiful. I wish Bloomingdale's had taken residence because it could have meant a resurgence of the mall. I think the DC DMV must bring some business in as would Clyde's exit into Georgetown Park. I hope something can be done because it's beautiful. It just needs some life pumped into it. I wish people knew the National Pinball museum was there. I do patronize Georgetown park. I like to get a massage and take out at Clyde's. During Christmas, I patronized several retail stores. I really miss Talbot's!

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