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I'm with you. How do you buy printer ink on the Internet if you need it right away? It's the same all over DC, not just a GTown. Art supplies are my issue. No, I can't see taking 11/2-2 hours to walk to Metro, go downtown, walk to art store, to buy ONE tube of watercolor paint. Not because of my ill planning, because the teacher decided we needed it in two days. I envy your previous poster's luxury of time. Perhaps he should consider that some people may have more to do with their time.

PS: If you need office supplies and must buy at a bricks and mortar store...might I recommend crossing the river where there are plenty of them and with parking.

PPS: If you must go downtown...how about not driving...instead taking a bus...the Circulator is still running until the Fed Govt. shutdown.

I know you don't want to hear it...but yes Target would answer the problem. Then again, I don't get people who go to stores to buy things like printer ink when Amazon will deliver it cheaper.

We had a Staples in Georgetown for a long time...it failed. There just isn't enough support for a full time business store. A small mom and pop that included such items probably would struggle as they serve the ever dwindling supply of people who go to stores for such items. However a full service department store such as Target would be able to meet your needs.

Next will there be a complaint about not being able to go to the long defunct Georgetown Electronics to buy a TV? Oh, Target would also meet that need.

What I am reading in your posts is that you want your needs met...but you want them met on your antiquated terms. Like it or not, good or bad, times they have a changed.

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