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Carol - I read your blog! :) I found it just over a month ago, and got hooked in part because I am very interested in public affairs, DC life, and news - but mostly because I just really enjoy your writing. A couple weeks ago, I bought your book, in part because I had something of a similar situation in my family. However, i've only gotten to read about 20 pages so far, because as you know, things in D.C. have been a little crazy lately :)

Anyway, it was a little surreal to check in tonight and see that you've been posting things I wrote over the last couple days. LOL I hadn't planned on writing a comment any time soon, but I guess I can't resist now :)

I'm an emergency manager and homeland security operative for D.C., and have a severe weather monitoring & response specialty. I've been here a while - I'm not a political appointee. Anyway, don't worry too much - we've definitely been going about 120 mph this week getting ready for the hurricane (and responding to the er, earthquake ?!? *scratching head* LOL). We have spent the week getting a large, coordinated response together.

You are more than welcome to ask any questions or concerns about the storm if you have them, and I'll try to check back if things are not too hectic here. My friends always hit me up for info on weather events or emergencies in D.C., and I'm more than glad to be of assistance.

It's interesting the gates were put up so early in Georgetown. I didn't send out one of my "get the gates up" messages for this event, because I don't honestly see Georgetown being threatened by river flooding. I guess the Folks Who Control The Wall are trying to overcompensate a bit for their near-legendary error.

Take care, Kevin

Emergency Go Kit link is very much worth bookmarking. This storm is definitely going to hit. Cat 2 or 3 is major for this area for sure. Thanks for all the info Carol.

Anyone reading this blog should take heed.

This "Lady" is huge! The hurricane that is ;)

Stay safe.


Good point. Have not heard one word from the Mayor. Maybe they are taking advice from the ostrich.


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